The Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage camera photo booth

Historic Styling

The vintage booth was created with all the styling from something from the early 1900's. Wooden panels with an oiled finish encapsulate the camera, and brass fittings overlay the wood to give an authentic, steampunk look. The custom baffles were constructed using orignal processs to give the true folding pattern and feel that a retro camera would have. The camera sits atop of an original surveyors tripod that was lovingly restored. The camera fits in the era of the historic dry-plate daguerreotypes, but has moved forward from the long film development times.

Vintage camera photo booth

Modern Function

Not to be left in the dark ages, the camera sports a modern DSLR camera in it to capture all you favourite people and poses. Poised below the camera is a truly vintage suitcase where the prints arrive almost instantly. The booth can be set up anywhere in a short space of time making it ideal for weddings and caputuring special events. A choice of backdrops and print designs make this a booth that would suit any prestigeous event. The rear panel frames a screen showing all the photos as they are taken.

Vintage camera photo booth

Unique Appearance

This nostalgic camera is the only one of its kind in Adelaide, perhaps the whole of Australia! So you wont find anything like this anywhere else. If you are looking for something original at your event, rather than the same old photo boxes you see at evey other event, try the vintage booth for your celebration.