Custom Photo Sizes

photo booth print sizes

Not just photo strips

Just because you have a photo booth, it doesn't mean you have to have the same old photo strips that everyone else is content with. Even though the layout can be customised to suit any theme and style, sometimes, something a little more unique is needed to make your event special.

Our printers not only print your standard copies of photo strips, but they can also print 6x4" prints, polaroids, and even mini-quarter prints so that the photos from your event wont be lost in the humdrum of the photo drawer and can even be kept close to home in your wallet or purse.

Polaroid-style - 3x4"

Polaroid prints are gaining popularity as a fun way to format the photos from an event. With room below to customise your own logo or a message to your guests, you can have the feel of old-school, instant polaroids at your event. These can be laid out horizontally or vertically to capure more of your guests having fun in the booth.

Quarter (Mini Prints) - 3x2"

An even more cute way to present them is on these mini 2x3" prints. With instant cuts from the printer, guests can swap and share their mini-prints will everyone around.

Photo Strips - 6x2"

Not to be outdone as a great print to stick on the fridge, the photo strips are a lovely way to put multiple images on a single print. Measuring in at 6x2", these prints are tried and true.

Full sized prints - 6x4"

Finally, choose full 6x4" prints, laid out however you choose to give out at the event, or use them, at a pinch, for your family portraits! These prints can be laid out as simgle images, or with mutiple images also to capture all the memories from the night.

Mix and Match print sizes

Want one size for the start of the night, and something different once the formal procedings are over? Chat to us about what you want, as we can switch the layout at the event to customise your experience even more.