Frequently Asked Questions

About the photo booth

The photo booth has been designed to be simple in operation. A single button starts the countdown. Follow the prompts, strike a pose, and wait for your prints. That's all there is to it!
Yes. Depending on the style of photo booth we can work together to create a backdrop that suits your needs. Choose from the readily available scenes, tell us want you want or supply your own!
All you need to do is press the 'Start' button and strike a pose. The photo booth is fully automatic. An attendant is on standby the whole time to assist and attend to any technical matters.
The photo booth was originally a wedding gift for a couple getting married in 2012. It was such a hit that we thought we should share it with others who wanted the same experience!
The photo booth hire can include hire of props, chalkboards and picture frames. You can chalk messages to whoever you like. We can supply fun props, classy props, keepsake books and even mini-chalkboards for a cute look to your prints.
The photo booth is packed and stored between events so is normally not open for viewing. Please contact us if you wish to see it. We may have it set up for an event and may be able to organise a viewing. We can supply photos of the photo booth in both configurations if required.
We can show all the photos from the night, just as they are being taken in the photo booth! The images can be shown on a large screen if available at the venue, or in cute mini-photo frames scattered around the venue. Almost as much fun as being in the photo booth!

About the photo strips

Yes. We work with you to create a print that suits your occasion. Tell us what you want or supply your own template to us. See some example Prints.
Yes, you can choose from and number of photo effects, like black and white, sepia, vintage, bleached etc. We can even work with you to generate your own look and feel. See these prints for a sample of some common effects.
Yes. Its only a moment from the last camera shot until the prints to drop into the slot. Typical printing times are around 7-10 seconds.
The photo booth can operate all night as it has flashes built in. If the photo area is going to be significantly large (i.e. greater than 3 metres from the photo booth), we may need to supply external flash systems to illuminate those in the photos.
Yes. Talk to the attendant about extra copies of prints. After the event, the photo strips are available online to order more copies, or the original images can be downloaded.

About the events we do

Yes. What better way for both you and your guests to enjoy the party, and take a lasting memento home with them.
Of course. The photo booth was originally constructed for a wedding. What better way for both you and your guests to enjoy the wedding, and take a lasting memento home with them.

Technical aspects

We use a high quality digital SLR camera to capture the images. Typically, they are captured at 18MP. All images of the night are stored for use while printing and to provide the hirers with the images, if so requested.
Normal photo strips are printed using a dye sublimation printer for fast, long-lasting, quality prints (similar to what you get from a photo store).
All images are protected in an password protected gallery. We may use images from time to time with permission.


The photo booth has 2 ways to operate:
  • 1. As a sit in, private area. In this configuration, an area of around 3m x 2m is required to allow room for guests to enter and leave the photo booth and the attendant to ensure the photo booth operates smoothly.
  • 2. As a free standing both with open backdrop. This configuration requires around 1m x 1m for the photo booth itself, and another 3m x 4m area to frame the backdrop.
Allow extra room if you wish to lay out props, or areas for chalkboards to be written on.
For safety reasons, the photo booth is not designed to run in the rain or in wet conditions. If there is a chance of rain, a more suitable location may need to be chosen. We will work with you to ensure we can get the photo booth when and where you want it.
Normally, the photo booth requires a power connection to operate. We supply around 35 metres of cable to get where we need to. The photo booth can also run without dedicated power if required. Please talk to us about your requirements.
Yes. The photo booth can run without dedicated power if required. Please talk to us about your requirements.
Photo Booth set-up and pull-down times are around an hour if the venue is easily accessible. Allow extra time if there are significant distances involved or other details that might hamper the set up of the photo booth.
Typically the photo booth is set up just prior to the event. Please contact us if the photo booth is required to be present, but not used for a length time before the event.
The hire conditions typically apply to a set interval of time for the event. Talk to us if you have any requirements regarding waiting times.
It is a requirement of hire that the attendant be with the photo booth the entire time. However, we wish to be as inconspicuous as possible, so talk to us about how we can make sure we are out of your way and not causing any disruptions to the event.
Typical hire includes delivery to areas around Adelaide, but we can go anywhere. Talk to us if you want the photo booth to travel further afield.
Most probably. The photo booth travels well and can typically go wherever you can, as long as there is room to set it up. The photo booth packs flat and the event location need not have vehicle access. The photo booth can also operate without mains power. Talk to us about your event and any issues that may arise with the photo booth.
Assuming that the weather is amenable, it may be possible. Talk to us about any special requirements you have.
A complete set of the event photos is typically delivered within 2 weeks. Contact us if you require them immediately after the event.
All hire includes public liability insurance for the photo booth set up, operation and pack up.

Hiring the photo booth

The photo booth includes free deliver for hire in the Adelaide area, but we can pretty much go anywhere you like. The Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, the Barossa Valley even further abroad if you really want.
Talk to us about your requirements. We aim to help to make things affordable without sacrificing quality.
Talk to us about your requirements. We aim to help to make things affordable without sacrificing quality.
We take a small deposit to secure your booking.
A deposit is required to secure your booking. Full payment is required before the event.
Yes you could, and you could print them later yourself too. The photo booth just takes the hassle out of taking photos for an event and provides instant, lasting memories for all your guests, and yourself.
Contact us about your requirements. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.
Contact us about your requirements. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.
Photo booth packages can be as simple as a camera on a tripod. Contact us if you want to simplify things a bit, or don't require instant prints.
We can do a photo-only package for your event and supply you with digital copies.